At Destination Direct’s lunch for Local Buyers on January 31, you’ll hear about THAT story, plus a few more occurrences that threatened the very existence of the organization behind each event.

Meeting planners often contend with uncertainty due to weather, political unrest, even terrorism… Add to this the possibility of unprofessional (or unscrupulous) behaviour by suppliers, employees and even attendees themselves, and you can see why the issue of RISK is a big one.

Yes, you may have your event emergency preparedness plan in place, but have you really taken a look at all the financial and legal risks to your organization in your planning process? Including those related to privacy breaches, embezzlement and supplier bankruptcy?

As a planner, staffer or board member, what is your duty of care towards delegates, sponsors and other stakeholders?

We’ll cover these questions and more in the education session Risky Business: What You Don’t Know WILL Hurt You.  Risk avoidance and mitigation experts Derrick Leue of LMS Prolink, and Grant Snider of Meeting Escrow will outline what you should know and how to avoid and protect your organization from risky situations. There’ll be lots of time for interaction – come ready with your questions!

This special learning opportunity is only open to qualified planners.   If you plan meetings with 50+ rooms on a peak night, and can consider three or more provinces in your selection process, click here to apply to attend!