Jennifer Holly

Welcome, Jennifer Holly!

The team behind the highly successful Destination Direct Canada, comprised of Patricia Pearson, Chantel Beaupré and Doreen Ashton Wagner, are pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Holly as equal partner in the venture.

Patricia explains, “Jen was there in the early days when the event was being conceptualized, so it only makes sense to bring her on Board as an official partner.”

Jennifer’s involvement as Founder and Director of Meeting of the Minds means that we have someone uniquely qualified to communicate with our Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) partners.  She also will help us with marketing and liaison with other industry partners.

“I’m so pleased to be joining this group of dynamic ladies to make this event happen just before the CSAE Tête-à-Tête show,” said Jennifer. “I love this industry and creating events that produce results is such a passion for me!”

Destination Direct wrapped up its 2016 inaugural event to acclaim from Hosted Buyers and DMOs alike.  Plans are underway for a bigger and better event for 2017, with a new local buyer day and a condensed schedule.

Hosted Buyers must be based outside the Ottawa region and must fulfill specific requirements. Interested association, corporate or independent planners may apply here.