Will I receive full Hosted Buyer profiles, including contact information and meetings details?
Yes, you will.

Even those I did not have a meeting with?

If you register for Hosted Buyer appointments with Package A, B, or C, you will receive ALL Hosted Buyer profiles.

How are the Hosted Buyers being qualified?

For starters, Hosted Buyers must be employed by an association (a non-profit or membership-based organization) or corporation based in Canada. If an independent meeting planner is hired by an association as a sub-contractor, the applicant must provide the name of the association client.

In all cases the applicant must attest that they recommend or directly purchase accommodation, meeting space, and/or related meeting services with the possibility of moving their conferences/meetings across a minimum of the provinces or territories in Canada. Finally they must complete a detailed application form and provide two references.

Destination Direct Canada will verify the information and call references.

Who is the decision-maker on the acceptance of the Hosted Buyers?

The Destination Direct Canada Team will make the final decision on the acceptance of any Hosted Buyer.

How does the pairing of appointments work?

Matches will be made and appointments scheduled by Hosted Buyers and DMOs. Both Hosted Buyers and DMOs will have the ability to invite each other to meetings. Hosted Buyers cannot schedule meetings with other Hosted Buyers. The Destination Direct Canada Team reserves the right match Buyers and Supplier-Partners based on additional needs, as required.

Will I get speaking time?

This is not a typical conference / trade show. There will be no announcements or public introductions during the program. This is a small intimate group and everyone is encouraged to introduce themselves one-on-one.

Can Hosted Buyers block time slots?

Hosted Buyers are expected to be available for appointments the entire afternoon on Monday, January 27th and all day on Tuesday, January 28th. We encourage our Hosted Buyers to fulfill their mandatory appointments before blocking timeslots. However if a Hosted Buyer has a free time slot, he/she will be free to return to their own suite for the duration of the appointment. We do not anticipate this would affect DMOs’ appointment packages.

Will Destination Direct Canada provide preferred décor and flower companies?

Yes, we will have a list of recommended AV, décor and floral companies for you to make your own arrangements. These will be made available upon confirmation.

Can we bring in local food and beverage into our suite?

To make things easy, you can arrange for food and beverage to be catered to your suite through our official caterer. If a specialty item typical of your destination is not available through our official caterer, you can of course bring these “goodies” with you, or ask another caterer/ retailer to deliver.

Can we do room drops?

Yes, additional charges will apply. To arrange for room drops, please contact Patricia Pearson.

What is your cancellation policy?

Written notice of cancellation must be received in writing prior to November 26, 2019; a 20% cancellation / administration fee will be applicable. Cancellation within 60 days of the event (on or after November 27, 2019) are non-refundable.

What is your payment policy?

Participation will be invoiced and payments are due within 30 days of receipt of invoice. Destinations requiring special billing arrangements are welcome to contact us to discuss.